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You are the one you've been waiting for.

New Monthly Workshops

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Christine plans to eventually devote an entire workshop to each of the Six Acts of the Shame Cycle.

The healer you've been waiting for is YOU!

I am a wounded healer reaching my hand back to you to show you the way back home to yourself. Every person has a wise and loving core Self. It is your birthright. That Self is the only one who can effectively comfort and guide all of your fearful and wounded parts and create a place of peace for your inner system.


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Each membership includes live and recorded meetings and a community space for questions and interaction that is accessible 24/7. Membership to each community is only $20/month. You are welcome to join either one or both (if you are an IFS practitioner). Click on "Sign Up Here" to see more information.

Weekly IFS Community: All Parts Welcome

Join a group of other Self healers to welcome all your parts, learn IFS exercises, and give and receive compassionate witness. 


Monthly IFS Practitioner Consultation Group

Join a community of other IFS Practitioners to submit questions, case studies, and "therapist parts" for collective wisdom and witness. 


Take One of The Ordinary Sacred Self-Paced Courses:

Each Self-paced course includes over 5 hours of teaching, demonstration, and group discussion broken up into bite size pieces, as well as worksheets and journal exercises, for only $42! Click on "Purchase Course" to see more information.

Internal Family Systems 101

A course to learn the basics of the compassionate healing model of Internal Family Systems

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Self-Compassion Through an IFS Lens

A course on how to find what blocks your naturally compassionate Self and bring compassion to every part of you

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IFS and Your Body Compass

A course on how to reconnect to the wisdom of your body and emotions and receive the valuable messages there

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Nonviolent Communication Through an IFS Lens

A course on how to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and others

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Get started with IFS Guided Meditations and Worksheets.

12 IFS Guided Meditations

I created these meditation videos to help you go inside and find the guidance within your Self. They are all based on Internal Family Systems. There are mediations to get to know protectors, exiles, polarized parts, and much more. You can pause the videos and spend more time in sections, listen to them in order or choose one that fits your need. You can listen to your favorite daily or get ideas to create your own unique practice.

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16 IFS and Inner Wisdom Worksheets

I am very excited about these worksheets. If you cannot afford one-on-one coaching, but would like some structure to help you work on getting to know your inner system, these worksheets can help you do that! There are worksheets on everything from practicing presence, developing Self-Compassion, and using Nonviolent Communication to interpreting your dreams and getting to know and heal your parts in IFS.

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Learn About 6-week IFS Small Groups

With IFS and Christine's guidance, I am more Self led which has a natural healing effect. Being Self led allowed me to heal old traumas that were still affecting my life today. Christine has created this space that allowed me to feel safe, seen, and heard in a way I never had before.



IFS, and Christine 's facilitation and clear explanation of it, have been so empowering for me. Discovering the healing potential of IFS has been like breaking a spell and seeing clearly after years of darkness. 

IFS, and Christine 's facilitation and clear explanation of it, have been so empowering for me. Discovering the healing potential of IFS has been like breaking a spell and seeing clearly after years of darkness. 


With Christine's help, through IFS, I have been able to better get to know some of my emotions/parts (especially those which I considered very difficult), in a more friendly and compassionate way. I have learned to listen gently to them to help understand their hidden need inside, so they can continue to heal.



Christine's gentle and compassionate way of teaching about IFS has enabled me to begin healing my wounded inner parts. I'm so grateful to have found her, IFS and The Ordinary Sacred community.

Christine is one of the most loving people I know. I've been coached by her couple of times, and it is fascinating how much can be healed in a single session. I had fear of being on group live calls and, through Christine's leading, we uncovered a fear that was formed in childhood and was not aware of it as an adult but was influencing my daily life very much. I was surprised on the next live call that fear wasn't there anymore after only one session. She is also a wonderful teacher and her heart warmth is contagious. I learned IFS from her.