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What if loving all the parts inside yourself is practice for loving all the parts/people outside yourself?

Christine Dixon

Hi, I'm Christine Dixon

Founder of The Ordinary Sacred


This is my Story


I am a wounded healer, passing on the wisdom and practical tools that have helped me heal. In my twenty years as an Educational Therapist, I used my students' strengths to approach their challenges and treated them as infinitely valuable and integrated individuals. Yet, I was not able to do that for myself until I went through a level of loss and disillusionment that challenged my conditioned programming and broke me open.

After ten years of dysfunction, codependency, and abuse, I had the courage to leave my first marriage. A year later, my first husband died by suicide. I spent years before and after my first husband's death, healing and practicing mental and emotional health strategies.


Eventually, I attracted a partner on the same path and currently have a loving and secure marriage. But, four years ago, the anger and fear I had suppressed manifested in my body, and I was hospitalized repeatedly. During my year-long recovery, I observed just how integrated my mind and body truly are.

I have gone through disillusionment with every form of external authority - education, religion, family, medicine, government, media - and have discovered the art of connecting to my own internal wisdom.

I am trained by Martha Beck as a Wayfinder Life Coach, and am passionate about using compassionate and highly effective tools, such as Internal Family Systems and Nonviolent Communication, to bring healing and freedom to as many people as possible. 


I offer both group coaching and one-on-one coaching. I provide strategies and tools that empower you on your own journey toward physical and mental health and help you heal trauma through compassionate witness.

I know that, with daily attention to your mind and body, you, too, can heal yourself!

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